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brewing brite tank in house brewery

2018-03-19 09:36:27

brewing brite tank
brewing brite tank
in house brewery
in house brewery
brewing brite tank   in house brewery
brewing brite tank
in house brewery

Maintenance of brewing brite tank
1. If the air inlet pipe and the outlet pipe joint leak, when screwing the joint does not solve the problem, it should be added or replaced.
 2, pressure gauges and safety valves should be regularly checked, if there is a failure to promptly exchange or repair.
 3. When cleaning BRITE tanks, use a soft-bristle brush for brushing. Do not scratch with a hardener so as not to damage the surface of the BRITE tank.
 4. The supporting instrument should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.
 5, electrical equipment, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment is strictly prohibited direct contact with water and steam to prevent moisture.
 6. When the equipment is stopped, it should be cleaned in time, drain the BRITE tank and the remaining water in the pipes; loosen the BRITE tank lid and hand hole screws to prevent the sealing ring from permanently deforming.
 7. Carbon steel equipment such as operation platform and constant temperature water tank should be regularly painted to prevent corrosion.
 8, often check the reducer oil level, such as oil is not enough, need to increase in time.
 9, regular replacement reducer lubricants to extend its life.
10. If the BRITE tank is not in use temporarily, the BRITE tank needs to be empty and drained.
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