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brewhouse prices cold liquor tank

2018-03-17 09:53:27

brewhouse prices
brewhouse prices
 cold liquor tank
 cold liquor tank
brewhouse prices    cold liquor tank
brewhouse prices cold liquor tank

Cold Wine Cans Introduction and Points for Attention
The main components of the cold wine cans are introduced:
1. Transmission parts: It is a transmission device, which is a motor and agitator link component.
2. Mechanical seal: stop the outside air, microorganisms enter the fermenter.
3. Electric motor: The power source of the stirrer.
4. Into the hole: feed.
5. Sample port: take a small sample inspection.
6. Cooling water outlet: Export cooling water.
7. Thermometer port: Place a thermometer for temperature monitoring.
8. Sight: Observe the inside of the fermenter.
9. Air inlet and discharge port: Pass clean air and release fermentation product outlet.
10. Instrument port: Shelving instrument display.
11. Thermocouple ports: Thermal and electrical sensors convert thermal signals into electrical signals.
12. PH electrode port: PH monitor, is the pH detector.
13. Cooling water inlet: input cooling water, when the fermentation temperature is high, water.
14. Bubbler: It can generate bubbles, so that the oxygen in the air is dissolved in the fermentation broth.
Cold wine jar note points:
1. Be sure to check the liquid level in the tank before sterilization. All electrodes are required to be below the liquid level.
2. Be sure to check whether the cooling water is turned on before opening the cold-serve power supply, and if the temperature probe has been inserted into the tank, it will burn out the heating circuit.
3. During the process, the workbench must be kept clean. Used bottles and other items should be cleaned in time. Spilled acid or water should be wiped off immediately.
4. Take special care when installing, disassembling, and sterilizing cans. The delicate and expensive parts of pH electrodes and cans.
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