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brewhouse prices brewhemoth conical fermenter

2018-02-28 14:01:38

brewhouse prices
brewhouse prices
brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhouse prices   brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhouse prices brewhemoth conical fermenter

 brewhemoth conical fermenter Tank configuration: stainless steel SUS316L / SUS304 material; jacket temperature control, optimized diversion design; inner surface polishing, Ra ≤ 0.6μm; outer surface polishing or matte treatment; DO electrode, temperature electrode interface is complete; canister with flame inoculation mouth and feeding standby interface.
 Mixing system: deep gas stirring.
 Structure: floor-type structure, compact structure, space saving, reasonable layout, easy to operate.
 Ventilation system: deep aeration, the use of special aeration device, stainless steel pipe; glass rotor flowmeter display, pressure gauge was significant, manual valve to regulate flow; with stainless steel high efficiency bacteria filter, filtration precision 0.01μm; exogenous compressed air , Equipped with high quality water removal regulator, sustained and stable gas supply; optional mass flow controller automatically controls the air flow.
 PH control: online testing, 1 or 2 peristaltic pump automatic flow with alkali or acid to adjust; imported pH electrode, high temperature steam sterilization.
 Dissolved oxygen (DO): online testing, the range of 0-100% or 0-200%; imported DO electrode, high temperature steam sterilization; optional and speed, ventilation linkage control.
 Feed control: standard 1-way peristaltic pump time proportional flow plus feeding, flow rate cumulative display, record.
 Defoaming method: Conductive foam electrode, the foam anomalies automatically alarm; Standard 1-way peristaltic pump automatic / manual flow plus defoamer, the cumulative flow rate display, record.
 Control system: Application of industrial control system, the use of Siemens PLC controller, 32-bit true color touch screen interface, full-featured, stable operation.
 Sterilization: in place sterilization, manual control, external source to be saturated steam.
 Equipment features: In-position sterilization, safe and reliable, medium concentration accuracy, a variety of nutrient solution supply; special mixing system to meet the physiological needs of plant cells; clear observation, disassembly easy; special specifications can be customized.
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