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brewhouse prices brewhemoth conical fermenter.

2018-03-02 11:12:27

brewhouse prices
brewhouse prices
brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhouse prices   brewhemoth conical fermenter
brewhouse prices brewhemoth conical fermenter

 Fermentors are widely used in beverage, chemical, food, dairy, condiments, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries, from the fermentation. Fermenter components include: The tank is mainly used to cultivate a variety of fermentation of bacteria, the sealing is better (to prevent bacterial contamination), the tank which has a stirring slurry, which is used in the fermentation process stirring constantly; the bottom of the ventilation Of the Sparger, used to access the air needed for growth of cells or oxygen, the tank top control sensor, the most commonly used pH electrode and DO electrode, used to monitor the fermentation broth pH and DO changes The controller is used to display and control the fermentation conditions. According to the fermentor equipment is divided into mechanical agitation aeration fermentor and non-mechanical agitation aeration fermentation tank; According to the growth and metabolism of microorganisms need to be divided into aeriform fermenter and anaerobic fermented irrigation.
Be sure to check the tank before sterilizing the liquid level, requiring all electrodes below the liquid level.
Be sure to check the cooling water is turned on before opening the fermentor power supply, the temperature probe is inserted into the slot, otherwise it will burn out the heating circuit.
Fermentation process must be kept clean table, used culture bottles and other items in time to clean up, for some reason spilled acid or water should be immediately dry.
Take special care when installing, removing and sterilizing the tank. Fragile and expensive parts for pH electrodes and tanks.
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