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brewhouse prices beer keg fermenter

2018-03-14 13:14:42

brewhouse prices
brewhouse prices
beer keg fermenter
beer keg fermenter
brewhouse prices   beer keg fermenter
brewhouse prices
beer keg fermenter

Beer barrel fermenter of process and method
1. Temperature control: controlling different fermentation temperatures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Using low-temperature fermentation, yeast produces less by-products during the fermentation process, making the beer taste better, the foam condition is good, but the fermentation time is long; High-temperature fermentation, yeast fermentation speed, short fermentation time, high utilization of equipment, but the formation of more by-products, beer taste is poor.
2. Concentration Control: Changes in wort concentration are affected by fermentation temperature and fermentation time. When the fermentation is vigorous and the speed of sugar reduction is fast, the fermentation temperature can be appropriately reduced and the holding time of the maximum temperature can be shortened; otherwise, the fermentation temperature should be appropriately increased or the holding time of the maximum temperature should be extended.
3. Control of fermentation time: The fermentation time mainly depends on the change of fermentation temperature. When the fermentation temperature is high, the fermentation time is short; when the fermentation temperature is low, the fermentation time is long.
Beer fermentation method: The beer fermentation method includes the above fermentation method and the following fermentation method. Generally, the following fermentation methods are used. The traditional fermentation process is generally divided into two stages: main fermentation and post-fermentation
Tank: The tank of the fermenter is a conical tank with a cone bottom angle of 60° to 90°. The tank is equipped with a cooling jacket. The cooling capacity can meet the process cooling requirements. The column part of the tank is set to 2~ The three-stage cooling jacket and the cone part are equipped with a cooling jacket. This structure is conducive to the settlement and preservation of the yeast. The conical tank is a closed tank, which can recover CO2 and CO2 washing.
Tank: Mixing system, drive motor, stirring shaft; turbine stirrer, stirring blade; baffle; shaft seal
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