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brewhouse prices beer brewing fermenter

2018-03-13 09:18:04

brewhouse prices
brewhouse prices
beer brewing fermenter
beer brewing fermenter
brewhouse prices   beer brewing fermenter
brewhouse prices
beer brewing fermenter

Performance and description of beer brewing fermenter
The introduction of mature technology and winemaking technology, combined with its own advanced equipment and production technology, has produced advanced beer and liquor brewing equipment. With excellent product quality, advanced process control technology and perfect and timely after-sales service, we have created tremendous social and economic value for our customers. Has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. The company invested in the establishment of a physical and chemical laboratory to ensure that each wine recipe was designed for science and safety. With high reliability and high degree of automation as the characteristics, easy operation, welcome friends from all walks of life to seek common development!
1. Excellent performance: The biogas digester produced by the composite material is lightweight, high-strength, water-resistant, pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, long-life, and has good water-gas sealing performance. The compression test meets the requirements of the country.
2, simple installation: no seal, fast installation.
3, good flexibility: can be installed in different terrain, geologically complicated installation, can be relocated to other places, transport.
4, technological innovation: beer brewing fermentation tank completely eliminates the traditional high cost of biogas tank, pond construction period is long, leaking water leakage, temperature imbalance gas production and other shortcomings. Adapting to the short-term large-scale promotion and application is the direction of the development and development of modern beer brewing fermenters.
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