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fermenter insulation cylindro conical fermenter

Ⅱ tanks type with mash/lauter tun, boiler/whirlpool;
heated by steam;
bottom rakes and lifting up design
configuration: piping, button control panel, glass grant, pumps

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Products Details

This is the description of fermenter insulation cylindro conical fermenter


Product Specifications:

To make the best beer, the brew house is the key. On the basis of absorbing European advanced and experienced beer machinery technology, Our Brew house can fulfill various brewing technologies, variable tastes or specific capacities. 


 10BBL | 20BBL | 30BBL | 40BBL | 50BBL brewhouse sizes are produced standardly, or even larger for customers.  The Brew house can be heated with Steam, Gas fired, Electric etc. The system composed of Mash Tun , Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank etc. The four tanks can be combined together to meet different requirement of brew system. 


All the tanks certified stainless steel material for all tanks, with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish.  All tanks use Tri-clamp connections, are designed for up to 14.7 PSI and tested at 30 PSI.  We can custom fabricate any tank to meet your brewery’s space and height restrictions.




Equipment Components:

   2 Vessel Brew House

7BBL/10BBL/15BBL/20BBL/30BBL or  


  • Mash Lauter Tun with grist hydrator
  • Kettle Whirlpool Tank with heating jacketed
  • Grant Tank
  • Stainless steel Platform
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Sanitary Wort Pump x2;
  • Wort Oxygenator;
  • Semi-Auto Control Panel;


  • Interior surface to finish pickled and passivated
  • Exterior surface to brushed, #4 finish


Method of Heating Ways:

  • Steam: Dimple plate jacket with inlet/outlet fittings for Steam heat transfer;
  • Electric: Use electric heaters in jacket to heat the medium in the jacket
  • Gas fired: Use gas burner at bottom to heat tank directly;
   fermenter insulation
fermenter insulation
  cylindro conical fermenter
cylindro conical fermenter
   fermenter insulation   cylindro conical fermenter
fermenter insulation cylindro conical fermenter

Product features of cylindro conical fermenter
(1) The outstanding difference between fermentation tanks and other industrial equipment is the high demand for pure-cultivation, which has reached a very severe level. Therefore, the tightness of the fermentation tank and the high reliability of the operation are the salient features of the fermentation industry.
(2) Modern Fermentation Industry In order to obtain greater economic benefits, fermentation tanks tend to be larger and more automated. In the aspect of automation of the fermenter, on-line detection of eyes such as pH electrodes, dissolved oxygen electrodes, dissolved CO2 electrodes and the like as a parameter detection is quite mature in foreign countries. Fermentation detection parameters are also limited to some of the most common parameters such as temperature, pressure, and air flow.
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