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Haishun Product

various stainless steel tanks, machinery for beer, wine, cosmetics, pharmacy and beverage!

Quality of Haishun

win a high reputation in making every equipment according to international standard, with CE, ISO

Market of Haishun

with 95% business for over-sea market, especially America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Concept of Haishun

communication and coopeation, we work together.

Recent News

Brewing process

brewhouse mash tun lauter tun boiler whirlpool


fermenter tank stainless steel various volume

conditioning for beer

bright tank

Beer keg fermenter Fundamentals

Pre-fermentation is mainly the use of yeast to transform maltose in wort into alcohol (ie, the anaerobic respiration of yeast), after fermentation is mainly to produce some flavor substances, to eliminate the smell of beer and promote the maturation of beer.


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